CSOTFA – District 6 is a part of the California State Old Time Fiddlers Association.   We are a California non-profit and U.S. IRS 501 (c) (3) Charitable Organization, formed to educate about and perpetuate Authentic Old-Time Fiddling as an art form and cultural treasure.

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CSOTFA – District 6 Official Seal

District 6 started in 1974 as you can read in this excerpt from Bob Snider’s “History of District 6, California Oldtime Fiddle Association”

“District 6’s very first informal meeting took place in conjunction with a potluck and jam on May 28, 1974 at the home of Robert and Millie Strawn in Oak Run.
At this first meeting, Secretary Bev Tucker reported that Lee Brushett was elected president and Pete Anderson vice-pres.  Evelyn Zelazny volunteered for treasurer, and Bev volunteered for secretary.  Frances Anderson said she would take care of publicity.”

For a thorough look at the history of District 6 as well as information on the Oregon Old Time Fiddle Association thanks to the efforts of Distirct 6 Member Anne Huber you can click this link here

To read the entire work by Bob Snider click here


California State Old Time Fiddlers – District 6