Back-up Book Songlist

Songs included in the Backup Book


Ace of Spades
Alfie’s Hornpipe
Allentown Polka
Alex & Marie Two Step
Amazing Grace
Angus Campbell
Annie Laurie
Anniversary Song
Apple Blossom
Arkansas Traveler 
Arkansas Traveler  (alt)
Ashoken Farewell
Beaumont Rag (Fiddling)
Beaumont Rag (Picking)
Bennie & Bea's
Bill Cheatum
Bill's Waltz
Billy in the Low Ground
Bitter Creek
Black & White Rag
Blackberry Blossom
Blue Moon
Blue Valley
Boil the Cabbage
Bonaparte’s Retreat
Bridget’s Waltz
Brown Skin Gal
Cajun Fiddles
Calgary Polka
Cattle in the Cane
Chancellor's Waltz
Cherokee Shuffle
Cherry Orchard
Chicken Reel
Chuck in the Bush
College Hornpipe
Come Josephine
Cotton Eyed Joe
Cotton Patch Rag
Country Waltz
Crafton’s Blues
Crazy Creek
Cripple Creek
Cuckoo's Nest
Cuckoo's Waltz
Dark Town Strutter’s Ball
Devil's Dream
Dill Pickle Rag
Don’t Let the Deal Go Down
Down Home
Done Gone
Down Yonder
Draggin’ the Bow
Drowsy Maggie
Dubree' Waltz
Durang's Hornpipe
Dusty Miller
Dusty Miller (Alternate)
Eighth of January
Faded Love
Fisher's Hornpipe
Flop Eared Mule
Florida Blues
Forked Deer
Four in the Morning
Girl I Left Behind Me
Going Places
Gold and Silver
Golden Slippers
Gold Rush
Goodnight Waltz
Grey Eagle
Gypsy Waltz
Haste to the Wedding
Herman’s Hornpipe
Heel and Toe Polka
Hobo Jig
Hot Foot
Huckleberry Hornpipe
I Don’t Love Nobody
I Don’t Love Nobody (alt)
Irish Washer Woman
Jack of Diamonds
Jerusalem Ridge
Jesse Polka
John Ryan’s Polka
June Apple
Junior’s Waltz
Kaiser’s Waltz
Kansas City Kitty
Kentucky Waltz
Kerri’s Waltz
Leather Britches
Lily Dale
Little Rock Getaway
Liza Jane
Lonesome Fiddle Blues
Lonesome Moonlight
Lovers’ Waltz
Maiden’s Prayer
Marching through Georgia
Margaret’s Waltz
Mark’s Waltz
Martin’s Waltz
Memories Waltz
Midnight on the Water
Midnight's Waltz
Milk Cow Blues
Millers Reel
Mississippi Sawyer
Missouri Waltz
Misty Waltz
Mom & Dad
Morning Star
Nearer My God to Thee
Off to California
Oh’ Susanna
Old Fashioned Love
Old Joe Clark
Old Man at Daddy’s Door Jig
Old South Waltz
Ook Pik
Orange Blossom Special
Over the Waterfall
Over the Waves
Panhandle Rag
Pig Ankle Rag
Ragtime Annie
Red Carpet
Red Fox
Red Hair Boy
Richmond Polka
Rose in the Bible
Roxanna’s Waltz
Runaway Fiddles
Sacramento Mountain Rag
Sail Away Ladies
Sailor's Hornpipe
Saint Anne's Reel
Sally Anne
Sally Goodin’
Sally Johnson
Salt Creek
San Antonio Rose
Say Old Man
Schottische in C
Shamus O’Brien
Shepherd's Wife
Silver Wedding Waltz
Skater's Waltz
Smith's Reel
Snow Deer
Soldier's Joy
Soppin' the Gravy
Sourwood Mountain
Star of the County Down
Stony Point
Sunrise on the Guinea Farm
Swallow Tail Jig
Sweetheart Waltz
Sweet Memories (Berline)
Sweet Georgia Brown
Tam Lin
Tennessee Wagoner
Tennessee Waltz
Texas Go Around
Texas Schottische
Texas Stardust
The Waltz You Saved for Me
Three O’clock in the Morning
Tom and Jerry
Topeka Polka
Trafaulger's Hornpipe
Turkey in the Straw
Twelfth Street Rag

Back-Up Book - Front Cover
Back-Up Book – Front Cover

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