Thanks for your interest in Renewing an existing membership or in signing up for a new membership in the California State Old Time Fiddlers Association or CSOTFA.  By filling in the following form your are helping us know who our members are and also how we can keep you informed with all the events that are available to you.


You are eligible to become a member of the CSOTFA if you live in the State of California.  You can join District 6 if you reside in any of the following California Counties:  Shasta, Trinity, Lassen, Siskiyou, Humboldt, Del Norte, Tehama, Modoc and the Plumas County Panhandle.  [Link to other Districts]

The cost for membership is currently $20.00/yr. for a Head of Household Membership and $2/yr. per spouse or child/dependent.  Half of your dues goes to the State to support State functions, including the State Fiddle Contest, and the remaining half stays here with District 6.  Your membership dues help to pay administrative costs (mailings, website costs etc.) and to help support our events.

Your membership is vital to the health CSOTFA – Disrict 6 and we very much appreciate the time and effort you are spending in order to join our Fiddle Family.   Please encourage your friends and family to consider joining up.

  • Members are invited to attend all State and Local Board Meetings
  • Head of Household members receive a membership certificate  issued by the State Board of Directors.
  • Members are placed on the District 6 Membership rolls and may vote in District 6 elections.
  • Members may be nominated to serve on the District 6 Board of Directors.

Membership Eligibility: “Only those persons interested in preserving and perpetuating authentic old-time music shall be eligible to apply for membership in the Association.”  So say the CSOTFA bylaws.

Online Membership is a Three Step Process:

  1. Fill out and submit the Membership Application Form.
  2. Pay your yearly dues.
  3. Finally, the District 6 board Membership Advisory Council must approve your application and upon approval you will be  a member and be issued a membership certificate.
The California State Old Time Fiddlers’ Association, (CSOTFA), is  a California, non-profit corporation & is an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization (consisting of 10 districts) formed to educate about & perpetuate fiddling as an art form and cultural treasure.

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California State Old Time Fiddlers – District 6